Available Weekdays 7am to 11am and Weekends 8am to 11am

Toast w choice of condiments: peanut butter, house made jam, butter, honey, vegemite (two slices)

Fruit toast (one slice) served w butter & honey OR freshly baked muffin
6.5 (two slices)

Banana bread w butter

Bacon & egg roll, swiss cheese, rocket, bbq sauce, on brioche bun

Croissant w butter & jam
4.5 (ham & cheese 6.5)

Bircher museli, w coconut labneh, seasonal fruit, berry compote and flaked coconut

Eggs your way, w sourdough & house made tomato chutney
11 add Bacon 3

Smoked salmon, dill crème fraiche, potato rosti, rocket and fried egg

Smashed Avocado on sourdough with fetta, cherry tomatoes and grilled haloumi
15.5 add poached egg 17.5 add poached egg add bacon 19.5

Zucchini & sweet corn fritters, w smashed avocado, tomato chutney, poached egg
16 add bacon 18

Waffle stack with berry compote, ice cream, and maple

Baked eggs w chorizo, corn, potato and bacon served with crusty sourdough toast

Eggs Benedict w ham, poached eggs, fresh spinach & creamy hollandaise
17 (swap bacon or salmon 19)

Additional Sides
Toast per slice 2.0 (sourdough, grain, gluten free) 
Avocado, potato hash, chorizo, bacon 4.0
Smoked salmon, haloumi 4.5
Spinach, mushrooms, roast tomato 3.0
Poached, fried or scrambled (two per serve) 4.5

Cold Drinks
“Grove: Juices: Orange, cloudy apple, cranberry, pineapple 4.5
Soft Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Tonic or Soda Water 4.5
Bundaberg Soft Drinks Ginger Beer, Traditional Lemonade 4.5
Iced Coffee or Chocolate 4.3
Add ice cream 0.5


Hot Drinks
Coffee: Toby’s Estate Original Woolloomooloo Organic Certified Blend 4.3 Mug extra 0.5
Hot Chocolate, Hot Mocha, Chai Latte 4.8
“Toby’s Estate” Organic Tea Blends: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chai, Green (Jasmin or Sencha), Camomile

*We can make changes to the menu, however due to time and stock this may not always be possible.
*If you have allergies or dietary requirements, please speak to your server as there may be traces you are sensitive to

Cup of coffee at O Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane City
Fries and veggies at O Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane City
Burger and fries at O Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane City
Salad at O Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane City
Barista making coffee at O Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane City