Top 4 Ingredients For The Best Family Function

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O Bar is your perfect place to hold a family function, whether it’s for an anniversary, reunion, a landmark birthday or your intimate wedding reception. To get you started, we have combined the four main ingredients to create the perfect gathering for you!


Your first call in event planning is choosing the right venue. A hired venue allows you to enjoy the privacy and company of solely your friends and family without any un-welcome guests. When booking a Saturday night at O Bar you are guaranteed to have the whole venue exclusively to yourself. With a spacious undercover outdoor area, we can accommodate for up to 80 people no matter what weather. The added bonus is there is no venue hire fee. Simply covering the cost of a pre-arranged food and beverage package will see you having a well fed and fun evening for your whole family.


If you are organising a function with family from out of town, finding a venue that is close to your accommodation is vital for a few reasons. Some elderly guests prefer to retire to their room earlier than the party is ready to settle down. The same goes for families with young children and babies that would like to go to bed and relax. Thus, it requires you to find transport to and from their stay which can be inconvenient and expensive.

Luckily, O Bar is connected to Mantra on Edward so having a family function here will allow for any guest to simply head over next door and zip up to their room with no worries. Being in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, also means that the out of town patrons have plenty of choice to entertain themselves during their time here before your event.


With venue and accommodation out of the way, your next big step is to cover food and drink. This can can be one of the most stressful parts of organising an event with little details falling down to dietary requirements, allergies and the right style of catering to suit the atmosphere of your specific event.

With us, designing the right menu is easy, our fantastic chefs ready and willing to craft a menu specifically to your requirements. O Bar is one of the best places to eat in Brisbane, and can easily cater for even the pickiest eater. We can supply anything from canapés, buffets and shared plates to spit roasts and of course more formal dining in the form of 2 or 3 course seated dinners.

By choosing the food and beverage package prior to your event allows you to have access to a bespoke menu of your choosing. This means you can customise your menu to cover all allergies and ultimately have food you know your guests will love and keep the budget under control.

O Bar and Restaurant also has an extensive, hand-picked wine list with a range of affordable and delicious wines. To spice up the night, why not welcome your guest with one of our signature cocktails or pop and collaborate with or expert bar tenders to design a bespoke cocktail ? Click here to view our wine list!


The final step to a great party is the entertainment. It’s a key factors because it can ultimately create an enjoyable time at your function or leave you with a dull night. Having full reign of the O Bar party venue, gives you freedom to choose your style and the ambiance you wish to create for your guests.

At O Bar you can enjoy the full area, decorating the space however you like, whether you want it to be a party venue or give it a more relaxed feel. With prior consultation, we are happy to help with the organisation of any décor. You also gain full access to the music for the evening to tailor to the crowd attending. To step it up a notch, you may also like to consider inviting a DJ or band to perform depending on the style of your event. Whatever you have planned, we are here to help make it a night to remember!

So what are you waiting for? Book a function with us now here or call us today on 07 3009 3408 to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help!


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